Pepper Crew Neck Sweatshirt (Comfort Colors)

Regular price $ 36.00

  • Heavy and cozy
  • 80% ring spun cotton / 20% polyester
  • Soft washed garment dyed fabric
  • Delaware Apparel logo on front and back

This will easily become your favorite sweatshirt!  

MOMENT OF CLARITY: We used to think about the sorority girls were just being cliquey when they would say "Comfort Colors this... Comfort Colors that..." Everyone would let them have their sisterhood moment and move on with life. 

We even used to hear the ABSURD prices they would pay for a sweatshirt and almost have a heart attack! The hand-me-down cheap sweatshirts were fine with us! Until we actually got a Comfort Colors one... Those hand-me-downs just did not quite live up to the standard anymore.  It instantly became the go to sweatshirt and this one will for you too, unless you were already in Zeta Chill or Brad Bro Theta and you already have your rushing event one.  In that case, you will have 2 favorite crew necks!